Although a regular web hosting account is usually created automatically, there're always some configuration jobs that are done manually by the web hosting supplier. Setting up a virtual or a dedicated server needs even additional efforts due to the fact that a lot of time is spent to install and configure the hardware and software setting, and then test the machine so as to guarantee its correct operation before it's handed over to the end user. To help cover the amount of time spent on that, a number of suppliers have a set-up charge which you will be required to pay every time you obtain your brand new hosting package. Often, that particular charge will not appear prior to reaching the payment page and you won't notice it before that on the main page near the website hosting plan features. In the general case, this cost is one-time and it will range from a small to a significant amount of money based on the supplier.
Setup Fee in Web Hosting
If you get a web hosting package via us, the end price that you'll need to pay throughout the checkout is exactly the same as the price you have already viewed on the front page or on any other page on our site. The processing of the payment as well as the account creation on our cutting-edge cloud hosting system are nearly completely automatic, so we think that charging you any installation fees will be very unreasonable. Even when you acquire several accounts at a time, you won't be expected to spend any money for their installation or for any other kind of concealed fees for that matter. It is our principle that being honest to each customer since the beginning is far more valuable than receiving a few more dollars.
Setup Fee in Semi-dedicated Servers
Our semi-dedicated server packages do not have any installation charges, so if you obtain a new account, the total fee for the very first month is the very same for the future renewals. Since it takes us a few minutes to set up and activate your new semi-dedicated account, we believe that it would not be justified to charge you a dime for that. You'll see the very same amount on the front page, on your payment page and also on your bank or PayPal statement and you won't ever be required to pay any extra fees. If you already have a regular shared web hosting account with our company and you need a more powerful solution, we can even relocate all of your data to the brand new semi-dedicated account free of charge.
Setup Fee in VPS Servers
Even though creating a VPS server takes time and efforts, we will never ask you for any setup rates irrespective of whether you purchase several servers at a time. When you register, you will need to pay only the regular monthly charge for the selected package and we'll create your VPS, mount its Operating System, website hosting Control Panel and software package (web server, MySQL, FTP) without extra cost. The renewal charges for the next months are exactly the same as the original registration fee. We think that having a new client who puts his / her trust in us is more important than getting a modest one-time fee, that's why if you get a virtual server via us, you will never have any concealed charges.
Setup Fee in Dedicated Servers
Using a dedicated server acquired from our company, you'll never see any hidden fees and you will never need to pay any setup charges. The cost of the plan you have picked is shown on our site and it's the one price that you'll see on both the order and the payment pages. We consider that getting a new customer and building a long-year relationship is more important than charging you some extra dollars, which means that we'll build the machine, set up all the needed software and test it absolutely cost-free. We will even transfer all of your content free of charge if you already have a shared web hosting package from us and you would like to progress to a dedicated server that is acquired with the Hepsia hosting Control Panel.