Other than hosting resource-demanding Internet sites, there is a further reason to obtain a virtual or a dedicated server for yourself - to make your web hosting company. This is an ever-growing business, as an increasing number of people and businesses start their web presence, which means that they need hosting space and a domain. If you have a hosting server, you'll be able to make web hosting packages and sell them, so you can not only cover your expenses if you host your own Internet sites on the server as well, but you will also make a very good profit by running a profitable business. What you need for that is a server, billing software, which will be the connection between the reseller website and your web space, and a business account with a payment processor for example PayPal or 2CheckOut, in order to be able to receive Internet payments. The advantage of reselling server space over the usage of a standard reseller program is that your clients will have considerably more resources and you'll be able to install the server-side software which their sites may need so as to work effectively. The latter isn't possible with a shared hosting reseller program, as you'll have specific limitations in this regard.
Reselling Options in VPS Servers
The VPS servers that we provide include several website hosting Control Panels to select from and two of them are appropriate for starting your own web hosting business, because they have a customer as well as a reseller side. DirectAdmin and cPanel are among the most preferred Control Panels nowadays and they will help you set up everything without delay. All of the cPanel-equipped servers feature two additional bonuses free of cost - a domain reseller account with eNom - one of the largest registrars, which does not include the deposit that is normally needed in case you register directly with them, and a billing/support solution called ClientExec, that will connect your Internet site to the cPanel reseller account and which will help you charge your clients and to supply them support via an internal ticketing system. The full root-level access to the virtual server will enable you to do virtually anything you'll need, so launching and maintaining a prosperous hosting firm of your own is a quick and uncomplicated project.
Reselling Options in Dedicated Servers
Our powerful dedicated servers are the ideal choice if you'd like to create your own web hosting reseller business. Each plan contains plenty of system resources to accommodate a large number of users, regardless of the type of Internet sites that they wish to host. Since you will have root-level access to the server, you'll be able to install any kind of software that they may need. During the dedicated server order process, you can pick cPanel or DirectAdmin - two of the hosting Control Panels that we supply, due to the fact that both of them feature client and reseller parts. With DirectAdmin, you may even have sub-resellers that can have direct clients of their own. With each server ordered with cPanel, on the other hand, we provide a couple of other software instruments at no additional cost - a domain reseller account with eNom, one of the most well-known registrar companies, plus a billing and support application known as ClientExec, which comes with a web-based payment gateway plus a ticketing system.